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Passionate Salon Professionals (PSP)

[Online library] Passionate Salon Professionals (PSP)

Book Note : The life blood of any salon is the client — without whom there would be no business. The relationship between the salon (stylist, owner, entire staff) and the client is one that can span and entire life and is one of the most unique found anywhere. A passionate salon professional is one who understands the importance of this relationship and does everything in their power to build, strengthen and retain it.For a passionate salon professional, the business end of things is never seen as work. Being a stylist, for example, isn’t a job. It’s all about embracing this important role in another person’s life and realizing the creative and rejuvenating nature of what is done for another person. It is all about attitude, giving, encouragement, transforming, and passion — and much more.If you are looking to make a change in the world you and your clients live in — this book is truly for you. Allow intrinsic motivation to take you to new heights in your chosen profession.

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In the last evaluation all of us faux to exist physically in a bodily universe with restricted energy, sources and understanding. By way of this pretense we imagine to interact precisely as history has always pointed physical existence out to us. History is a fiction. It doesn’t exist. So we borrow our understanding of bodily life from a mere fictitious interpretation and understanding of actuality.