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Public Relations: Concepts, Practice and Critique

(Mobile book) Public Relations: Concepts, Practice and Critique

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Book Description : “An excellent text for encouraging students to think critically about key public relations issues. Not only does it help students to develop a deeper appreciation of public relations, it also helps them to develop valuable learning skills.”- Amanda Coady, The Hague University”A typically excellent piece of work from Jacquie L’Etang. Critical of every basic concept and provocative to all students. Ideal for second and final year undergraduates, plus MA students.”- Chris Rushton, Sunderland University”Extending beyond the usual bounds of insularity, this text is designed to encourage critical thought in students and improve practice in workplaces. A refreshing read that is consistently inventive enough to attain both aims.”- David McKie, Waikato Management School “At long last fills a void in the landscape of text books on public relations theory and practice… it develops critical thinking skills while exposing interdisciplinary approaches and providing a very solid foundation for lively debate and further study- Julia Jahansoozi, University of Central LancashireThis book introduces students to the key concepts in Public Relations, with 12 chapters providing clear and careful explanations of concepts such as: Reputation Risk Impression management Celebrity Ethics Persuasion and propaganda Emotional and spiritual dimensions of management Promotional culture and globalization Drawing on a wide range of interdisciplinary sources, Jacquie L’Etang also encourages students to think critically about public relations as an occupation. Student exercises, ‘critical reflections’, vignettes and ‘discipline boxes’ help students to widen their intellectual perspective on the subject, and to really engage the thinking that has shaped both the discipline and practice of public relations.nbsp;