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Black Tie Optional: A Complete Special Events Resource for Nonprofit Organizations

[E-BOOK] Black Tie Optional: A Complete Special Events Resource for Nonprofit Organizations

Book Description : Praise for Black Tie Optional: A Complete Special Events Resource for Nonprofit Organizations, Second Edition “I wish I had had this invaluable book when I was helping plan fundraisers in the past. My life would have been easier, and our bank account healthier. Don’t torture yourself: get this book, follow its advice and be a hero!” mdash;Richard B. Stolley, Senior Editorial Adviser, Time, Inc. Founding Editor, People magazine “Black Tie Optional is anything but an optional read. This step-by-step guide on how to strategize and execute a successful fundraiser is essential to anyone considering how best to tackle the complicated world of event planning. Black Tie Optional is the archetypal roadmap for those undertaking the rewarding yet overwhelming journey of successful fundraising. An absolute must read!” mdash;Cathy Elkies, Senior Vice President and Charity Auctioneer, Christie’s “Harry Freedman knows how to plan an event. He has it down to an art. ” mdash;World-renowned artist PETER MAX Regardless of the kind of big event your organization has planned for its next fundraiser, everything you need to know and do is in this thorough and essential handbook. Now in a Second Edition, Black Tie Optional demystifies the process and makes it as easy as possible to have a successful event that generates money as well as new supporters. Authors and industry experts Harry Freedman and Karen Feldman cover all the angles and show you how to: Decide on the best kind of event for your organization Select the best location and date for your event Develop budgets Reach and book celebrities Create invitations and get publicity Set ticket prices Organize and motivate your committees This handy, how-to manual takes you step by step through the entire process of selecting and producing simple and complicated events and arms you with all the information you need, including practical advice, real-world examples from actual events, summary checklists, and worksheets. Black Tie Optional is destined to become your dog-eared blueprint for making money and allies in the name of your cause.

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As an academic area, finance concept is studied and developed throughout the disciplines of administration , (monetary) economics , accountancy and applied mathematics Correspondingly, given its wide software, there are several related professional qualifications that may lead to the sector. As the talk to whether finance is an art or a science continues to be open, three there have been current efforts to organize a list of unsolved problems in finance Although they are intently related, the disciplines of economics and finance are distinct. The “economy” is a social establishment that organizes a society’s manufacturing, distribution, and consumption of products and services, all of which have to be financed.